Why call this website Godot Buddy?

First, this website is focused on supporting the Godot Game Engine users, so naturally, we started with Godot as a first word in the branding.

Next, we needed to convey the intent that is to help, support, and empower the client who may be a consumer of our content or user of the Apps.

Ideally, only one more word should be added, and it is best to research what word to use rather than guess. So we looked towards the gurus that we follow on social media and locked into a guy that is an expert about Youtube channel growth and coaching whose channel uses the Buddy word tagged onto Youtube. So we did the same here.

Now, the word Buddy is probably a colloquial term used mainly in North America, but that is where the paid subscribers mostly reside, I suspect. And we want to gain some paid subscribers here somehow to pay the bills.

So that is the story of how the name for this website came about. Thanks for reading and have a great day.